Institute Seminar of Materials Science


Regular communication and scientific exchange is the key to effective and succesful intra- and interdisciplinary research and development within a huge, diverse team like our institute for materials science.

This seminar is intended to provide the possibility:
- to train presonal presentation skills in an intercultural and interdisciplinary surrounding,
- to get to know different scienitifc points of views and broaden scientific horizons,
- to come into contact with current master students as well as other PhD students und PostDocs in a relaxed atmosphere,
- to find new cooperation partners and try new scientific methods and technologies,
as well as to learn more about the current setups and techniques available in the different TF working groups.

Master and PhD students as well as PostDocs are welcome to come together ones a week to listen to a 30 min talk about
special technologies used within the group concerned, get into touch with other current TF researchers and to keep uptodate
about the research that is going on in our institute.
Moreover, Master students have the chance to find and talk to a possible supervisor of their master thesis topic.

Every Wednesday at 4.15pm, we come together in room C-SR II on the site of the faculty of engineering
(building C, Kaiser Str. 2, 24143 Kiel).

See you soon, folks!