We close the application period on 1st of March for the on-line application.

Afterwards we start to check your application in detail.
For German applicants: You will get an email that your application has reached us and if it is completed.
Please use the package tracking of your post to check if your documents have reached us! For International applicants: You will get an application form after finishing your on-line application. Please send the signed form to the mentioned address.

All accepted applications will be listed and ranked by several factors:

Kind of Bachelor degree (0 - 12 points) (see requirements/Bachelor degree)

    • What kind of Bachelor degree do you have?
    • Did you studied parallel a second study course?
    • Are you specialized in materials science?
  • Grade of Bachelor degree (0 - 4 points)
    • Where is your grade placed between the highest and the lowest possible grade?

Knowledge in English language (0 - 4 points)

    • What is your result in an certificated English test?
      If there is no test but your bachelor studies were taught in English, we accept your application
      but here you will get only 0 points!
      Native speakers are ranked depending on their country!

Knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (each 0 - 4 points)

    • Where are your degrees in this classes placed between the highest and lowest passed grades?

Miscellaneous (each ±1 point)

                • What reputation has the university at which you made your bachelor?
                • Do you have a Master degree already?
                • What say the letters of recommendation?
                • How looks your application?
                • Something special?


This ranking is crosschecked by several professors and the chair holder of the examination board.
Afterwards we will give an acceptation to the top of this ranking via email!
All others will also be informed that they are not accepted this year.

This result should be send to you until middle of June!

But this is just the first step in admission. We only give the admission in the field of studies.
In a second step all documents will be given to the International Center of the university.
It looks for all formal aspects of your admission and will contact you afterwards. It is also responsible for sending the official admission letters.