Study Course

Successful participants of the study course materials science and engineering acquire the degree of a Master of Science. The alumni have got a solid knowledge in the fields of functional materials like sensor technology, microelectronics, photovoltaic technology, nanotechnology, optics or smart materials and have skills in basic research, material development, material engineering, analysis and process.  Beyond, during their theses they have been involved in research projects on the forefront of international research in materials science.

Besides have acquired this solid scientific background and practical knowledge, the students have learned how to work independently on scientific problems as well as to look critically at experimental results. They are able to present their ideas and results orally and in written form according to international scientific standards. Through participating in interdisciplinary discussions the students have learned how to give and take criticism constructively. In all lab courses the students have been divided up into teams. The success of every experiment has been dependent on how efficiently the team members cooperate with one another.

Alumni are able to treat practical problems in the field of materials science as well as in adjacent domains purposively, to analyse and structure complex problems, to apply the acquired standard techniques to problem solutions, but also, based on literature search, to find and realize new approaches. This also results in the ability to generally scrutinize known methods and to extend them scientifically.

With this ability and knowledge, they are competent to work as engineers in the field of materials science, e. g., in research or development groups in industry, as consultants, team members, or leaders in projects, or as scientists in academia.