If you want to start your studies in Kiel at the KielMAT international master program you need on principle a general permission to university, subject bounded permission and:

  • a qualified three year (least) Bachelor of Science in materials science or
  • a qualified three year (least) Bachelor of Science in a related science or
  • a diploma in materials science or related science form an apllied university (German Fachhochschule)
  • proficiency in English


Prerequisites for the Master of Materials Science and Engineering and a successful career as a qualified engineer are most of all: 

  • good knowledge and interest in the subjects of mathematics, chemistry and physics
  • ability to think analytically and work with reasonable concentration
  • proficiency to make quick connections between complex ideas
  • interest in scientific and technique (connections)
  • at least a good knowledge of English as that is the lessons' language
  • the will to learn German