Topics in the fields of computer science and business information technology

Group Topic Contact
Algorithms and Complexity

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- Improved approximation algorithms for the 2D-Knapsack problem (Malin Rau)
- Bounds on the sensitivity of configuration ILPs (Sebastian Berndt)
- Augmenting Algorithms for MILPs (Alexandra Lassota
- Local search algorithms for the restricted assignment problem (Lars Rohwedder)
- Online packing problems with bounded migration (Marten Maack)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Jansen
Algorithmic Optimal Control - CO2 Uptake of the Ocean Working with climate simulation modules,e.g.:
- Simulation on high performance computers
- Data analyses with methodes of Machine Learning
- Optimization of algorithms
- Performance optimization
- Developement of reduced models
- Software Engineering
Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig
Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Visual and Interactive Debugging of Model-based Languages:

Combining model-based debugging techniques such as
(1) break-points in model-based languages and simulations,
(2) finding causal cycles with induced dataflow, and
(3) interactive model annotations for graphical compiler/user feedback
to improve user experience and development workflows in model-driven engineering.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard von Hanxleden
Fachdidaktik Informatik - Lernplattformen weiterentwickeln und pflegen
- Mathematische Modelle für zeitliche Verläufe von Graphen
- Statistische Verfahren zur Auswertung von Graphdaten implementieren
Prof. Dr. Andreas Mühling
Programming Languages and Compiler Construction - Implementation of termination analyses for declarative programmes
- Enhancement of the Code-Documentation-System CurryDoc
- Codetransformation aimed to optimise declarative programmes
Prof. Dr. Michael Hanus
Software Engineering

Please contact the named persons to optain further information about the projects.

- Collecting Data for Software Quality Evaluation (Henning Schnoor)
- Enabling Eye-Tracking based experiments (Christian Zirkelbach)
- Improving program comprehension experiments (Christian Zirkelbach)
- Application monitoring on the Raspberry Pi Platform (Christian Zirkelbach)
- Clustering and classification with neural networks (Reiner Jung)
- Development of a framework to support behavior model construction (Reiner Jung)
- Extenden TeeTime-based Kieker-Analysis (Reiner Jung)

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hasselbring
Web Science - Social Media
- Open Science
- Altmetrics
- Gamification
Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters