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Programming Languages and Compiler Construction

- Automatische Prüfung fehlerfreier Programme
- Übersetzung von Curry nach Haskell
- Analyse nicht-deterministischer Sortierfunktionen

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Prof. Dr. Michael Hanus
Algorithms and Complexity

Integer Linear Programming (ILP) is one of the most basic and broadly studied problem in optimization. The general case was proven to be NP-hard and thus efficient algorithms in the sense of the asymptotic running time seem to be unlikely. Hence the interest among others is
to find sub-cases, which can be solved efficiently. One of those
sub-cases appears when we are given an ILP with a very specific block structure regarding the constraint matrix. That is, we have given blocks of small sizes repetitively appearing in the first rows and along the diagonal underneath. All other entries are zero. Indeed this structure is interesting due to two reasons, which also correspond
directly to the potential jobs we are offering.

Firstly there is a near-linear time algorithm solving N-Folds we want to improve even further. Secondly many problems are expressable as N-Folds and we aim to find more.

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Prof. Dr. Klaus Jansen
Dependable Systems

- Untersuchung der Zuverlässigkeit von Machine Learning Systemen

- Entwicklung von Machine Learning Systemen unter Wettbewerbsbedingungen (z.B.

- Detecting patterns in sequences (strings, words)

For further Information in the first two cases please contact Yannik Potdevin and in the third case Pamela Fleischmann.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Nowotka
Software Engineering

Collecting Data for Software Quality Evaluation

PD Dr. Henning Schnoor
Algorithmic Optimal Control - CO2 Uptake of the Ocean Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in climate research Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig